Off to see the Wizard

For all of you downsizing or downsizing your relatives, my sympathies. Tomorrow, early, my long time friend and I, Renee are headed to Washington DC for a few days to catch up with the exhibits and shopping and investigate the rumors of strange people who want to move into a large white house there.

The reason I mention downsizing is that when I helped Renee with her personal downsizing, we saved the money and now it is time to spend it.We used speciality¬†consignment stores and people we knew and garage sales and Etsy to move her possessions. She now has a beautiful two bedroom, one level condo that fits the next elder years. After weeks of making decisions, most people are ready to haul it all to the dump. But, in the case of worthwhile collections, you may want to get someone in to do an estate sale and pocket some money since downsizing can be pricey. There are companies you can hire, but again—get some referrals.The thrifting and selling and downsizing business is a way that people make their living. Old metal, old coins, used electronics and clean (really clean) items of furniture are worth a few bucks to you.

Ask people in all the groups of friends and former work people you know and get some ideas. Don’t let these important decisions slide. In case you haven’t noticed, it gets more difficult every day even to pack a sack of gently used items to a charity shop. Your nostalgia can cripple taking charge of yourself.

Living more simply has been a big deal for years, especially when this 21st century American hubris escalated for more and more and more. Remember it is your older years and living with out clutter can leave room for last adventures.

Do you think the new people who want to make 1600 Pennsylvania their address will bring a favorite stuffed chair or 22 cartoon glasses from the Bradford company? Are there gold faucets in the bathroom?