Embracing Longevity

 Can you remember when you first realized that you could see a long life ahead of you? Did you greet that with trepidation or joy? Have you experienced situations in your life that let you practice how it would be to be old?

In the class, How to Become an Extraordinary Elder, held at Colorado Free University (303-399-0093) in Denver on May 14, 2016 and June 19, 2016, we will begin with the emotional impact of living to elder status. It is so much easier to deal with the headlines of financial planning and downsizing and end of life, but how you approach all of those issues begins with your emotional health. Emotional health, which can be tied to physical health, is individual and based on DNA, learned coping skills, the amount of support you enjoy and knowledge and suppositions you can make about your future.

If you have been a member of the sandwich generation (in the middle of your parents and children and grandchildren) you are knee-deep in emotional issues. The questions you are asking almost everyday are focused on how to spread yourself and energy like the mayo or catsup on the bun. But, the good news is, you are learning about aging; with its care centers, paperwork hades, burial plans and cremation, wills and trusts and the grief and loss we all feel though adversity.

When you become a middle age (or older) orphan the vast majority of people feel some type of  loss. Even if it is the loss of routine, or expectations or a let down from the chaos you may have experienced for a number of years, it will need to be dealt with, understood and turned into acceptance for you to move on. You are smacked in the face that you are old and next in the line of people going into the pasture.

This is the very moment you can choose to become an extraordinary elder. That big word  RESILIENCE can help you do more than survive the Old and Older and Oldest part of your longevity. Finding support, productive ways to spend time, physical practices to keep you invigorated and  a sense of adventure are critical at this point to avoid wasting time in the wastelands of  POOR, POOR PITIFUL ME. Be conscious about your decisions and move forward with a raised head, accepting the life you have and yet finding your Better Way.

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Because Optimism Counts