Decent Human Behavior

On a financial site on-line there was a pundit that proposed that we have a line item in our monthly budget for some “decent human behavior”. My thinking is a video class in decent human behavior for 15 minutes a day in schools and required in bars and lounges and coffee shops before a drink is poured or expensive latte is consumed. But, beginning to address the issues of abundance versus scarcity and the belief the “there is enough for everyone” to shift a collective mindset from needing more and more and more to be considered worthy, probably needs more than 15 minutes.

Of course, a rational definition would be required first and all the black and white and grey areas addressed. But, funny enough, my belief is that most human beings already know what is decent…even if it is difficult to always do the right thing.

If you notice the picture at the top of this post you will see what a few friends are doing in the course of trying to be decent. Today, Saturday, we set a hundred pieces of winter gear out in Denver’s Civic Center Park that is a gathering place for those who live on the street most of the time. Scarves and hats and ear warmers and new socks were left with notes for the people most in need. We had interaction, even though it was very early, with several people who needed the gear very much as the weather had shifted overnight.  We did not harm trees, basically using metal benches and concrete balustrades as places to tie our metaphors of warmth.

Among our family and friends and neighbors and thrift stores on half price day, we found enough to share with people who actually needed a warm scarf or pair of socks as opposed to the ones of us who have many to choose from to match our various coats. My personal goal has become to have one of something and hopefully one to share or loan or give away. How many winter hats will you wear on the gurney in the crematorium?

Another personal goal for the winter is to start a conversation with groups I know to help define what decent human behavior is in our particular culture, age, gender, ancestry, neighborhood and economic group to see if the actual human behavior of being civil and decent should be more important than any of those tribe expectations.

How could we manifest that behavior in our lives in addition to starting the seed of a scarf tree ? How can we speak of it in conversations to help people shift?

Today was an experiment that was exciting and next year our flash mob of elders and friends will be larger and louder.

Share hot chocolate with a neighbor,