Family Gossip and the last of THE LIST

The picture above is a bit of history. The young man (he is now) on the left is the last grandchild to graduate from high school and is on his way to college. The boy on the right is the oldest great-grandchild and is now 9 years old. Jack and Ian were together on Saturday past for a celebration with champagne and good food and family gossip from an extended family that gets together for all the most important rituals. Congratulations and good luck to all the 2017 graduates and the newlyweds all over the place who will be walking down the aisle or standing under a canopy or wrapping themselves in a rainbow.

Below is the last part of the ultimate list:

12. On your birthday, or any other day with blue skies, text your friends and tell them you feel lucky to have lived to be _________your age.

11. Choose a favorite quote and put it under your signature on your email.

10. Write a loving letter to someone in your past who was difficult to deal with.

Don’t mail it–this is for you to help you have a THINK and maybe forgive the both of you.

9. Teach someone something you just learned. ( did you know they found lymph nodes in our heads?)

8. Go to an animal shelter with the intent of 10 pats or scratches on the heads or ears or tummies of dogs or cats or bunnies.

7. Get out of your rut by going to a different grocery store location–one managed by refugees new to the United States perhaps?

6. Buy (or steal from a public park)  flowers and give one each to strangers and tell them you are celebrating a special occasion.

5. Spend one day and evening out in Mother Nature….you remember her. No phone, just nature. If you can, be still most of the time and be mindful of all that you see. Notice how the systems of nature work together to create our world. Make sure you do deep breathing frequently to cleanse your blood stream and your tech cluttered brain.

4. Practice being curious–ask people questions beyond the polite ones that open a conversation. Read a book or pamphlet on a subject you have never heard of. Choose a different food when you are out for lunch.

3. Go to the site of a grouping of food trucks and watch the cooks and helpers and the variety of food we have available as a city and country. Give a big thanks to the farmers, producers, truckers and everyone involved in bringing us sustenance.

2. Write down one short story about your life that tells the most about what has been precious to you. Give it for safe keeping to a cherished person who can read it in 10 years.


Stretching yourself in some way, small or large, every day is one of the only proven ways to stay vibrant and alive as long as you are alive. Always question yourself in the morning when you are planning the day, “how can I be mindful and alert today and move at least one step out of my comfort zone.” Move beyond where you think you can go.

Live a vivid life my friends,




Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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