Part Two of the Ultimate List

Now that you have all the assignments done from the first part of the list—here goes part two.

21. Read The Velveteen Rabbit

20. The day after a difficult local or national or international situation had saddened people, make a batch of cookies, buys a gallon of milk or cider or make tea and invite people to stop by to just talk and comfort one another. Remember it is more than ok to be sad, and to have a need to process the feeling,

19. On a day when you are mindful about your impact on people and you are out on errands, catch everyone’s eye you can and say hello–or hold open a door, or give a heartfelt compliment. A WHOLE DAY. How many positive encounters? Any negative?

18. Buy a board game at a garage sale or thrift store that was once a favorite. Start playing with someone once a week or even just once a month. Choose the time of day that can be the most difficult for you because of memories of happier times.

17. Get art into your life.  Visit a gallery (free), a museum (some free days and some reduced for seniors) or watch a documentary about a subject. A great movie or documentary is art. Now,  can you create some art just for the heck of it? I suggest for a mindfulness or cognitive exercise that you get the popular adult coloring book you most like and a new box of colored pencils and sharpener.

16. Ask someone you trust about how to stop being afraid of _______(whatever)

15. If you had a difficult time with number 17-and I know some of you did–go to an art store and poke around. There is also a cool book entitled Art Journal Courage by Wakley that will show you how to experiment.

14. Memorize a favorite quote that is meaningful to you and put it as your signature at the bottom of your emails. Change it up like to do your passwords….every 90 days.

13. Are your friendly enough?

My purpose in these lists is to show you that we can do so much more with the lives we have left to live.

My class at Ross Cherry Creek Library is on the 9th at 6 pm. Hope to meet you there or the next night at 5:30 at Green Valley Ranch.

Ease into spring,





Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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