Ultimate List of Things to Do

One of the heavy books that follow me room to room and project to project is the amazing, thought-provoking and creativity boosting Life is a Verb by Patti Digh.

In thinking about a list of actions for people who are studying to be extraordinary elders my thoughts went to Patti who based this book on what she would do if she had 37 days to live. Her step father had been diagnosed with lung cancer and died 37 days later.

In anticipation of two classes in May I will be teaching at Denver Public Library branches the list that was inspired by the book will go up here in installments and class members at Ross Cherry Creek and Green Valley Ranch will have some homework after their attendance. Be mindful and pay attention to each item on the list. Some of the suggestions may take more than a day or less than an hour, but they are all designed to be done with intention.

31. Write the obit you would like to have written for you.

30. What do you have to do to live up to the praise in the obit that you haven’t done to your satisfaction?

29. Look at your life and see how much time, daily or weekly, is spent on fun? What is fun for you at this point of the aging process? Why aren’t you participating in your life?

28. Write three goals for the next 18 months of your life. Jot them down in an unused notebook and start thinking and researching how to achieve them….or at least come close.

27. If you don’t already, learn to use public transportation–this can even involve Uber.

26. If you have a special charity you wish to help, ask every person you know for $1. Young or old, rich or poor. Ask for help for a greater cause and it will help you learn to ask for help in general. (be sure and give the money to the charity)

25. Make a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Sip it slowly, smell the aroma, feel the steam and thank the universe for the beauty of a relaxing experience. Be grateful you have the ingredients for the cup of nourishment, and that you have the physical ability to complete the task.

24. After the hot drink, go save the world you slacker!!

23. Read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

22. If you are a book person, go through your books, collect 10 you can part with and give them to your local Denver Public Library branch . Donate and they can give you a tax receipt and you house will be less stuffed too.


More of these in a few days–let me know how you tackled the ultimate list.

With Joy,





Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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