Reasons to Read

One of my neighbors has rapidly diminishing eye sight. One of the women in the library book club has difficulty hearing and it is getting more pronounced. But. because these women qualify for extraordinary elders, they still read and discuss and are curious about the world, even the universe.

So, the hearing woman listens to books on CD and the seeing woman reads like an assembly line. They both agree with me as life long readers that they waited a long time to have extra time to read. Adjustments are made to our latest impediment, but reading is at the top  of leisure time activities, if not mandatory daily activities.

At one point in the blog I mentioned that going to groups of people who are new to you is a great way to expand outside your comfort zone. As you become an elder, staying social and involved is  critical to you enjoying and cherishing your life no matter what the physical body is treating you to.

On Saturday, two friends and I attended such a group. Two Raging Grannies about two elderly (90 years old) women who become curious about the words, Growing the Economy, during out latest recession. There was a panel discussion afterwords about how an activist might be birthed. The grannies became radicalized by the questions they asked and to whom they asked them. They read and read and called and talked to people and came to conclusions and read again. It was a marvelous examination of friendship and wisdom and ageism and the social structure of a nation.

The program was offered by the Denver Public Library at the Park Hill branch. They have a program, North of 50, and bring information to elders in the form of current topics of interest.

Having had a difficult week in the development of tolerance and acceptance , this respite and encouraging film hit the spot that was sore.   It started with a question and that helped us remember that you can still find answers in reading.

May kindness and compassion find you,






Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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