Old Knowledge to Wisdom

The October issue of Psychology Today was available at my branch library so it joined my stack to check out and take home. One of the articles is entitled 16 Life Lessons and in the introduction it states that “wisdom proceeds directly from personal experience”.

The counter balance and issue that can screw us up quickly is our biases. And, if you are an intuitive person, you may be correct most of the time, but that one time wrong just listening to you gut can be really messy to clean up. NO PUN INTENDED.

So, how do you know that your experience is solid and true and that you can go forward with a new endeavor?  Is it wisdom you are hearing in your ear or a slick sales pitch?

Well, you can’t ever be sure can you–life is not tied up in a silver package and red shiny ribbon. Never has been, never will be. But, if you are tentative about using your old knowledge and going with your gut, you will undoubtably miss out on some of your last and best adventures. These are adventures you can add to your stack of wisdom stories to tell the next generation of old people. Remember, just by the way you live day-to-day you are a role model to someone. When that person needs to decide how to be when they are old, you will come to mind–either in a positive or negative way.

One of the 16 of the life lessons in the article in the Psychology Today was: When Life Issues an Invitation, Take It.  Now, here is where our aging body comes into play–is the invitation one that my body will recover from in a timely way? Will my finances? Those are issues that would not even been in my thinking 30 years ago, but now they need to be factored into the invitation. That does not make me sad or distressed, just aware that reality needs to be faced. It is wisdom.

In his book, Second Wind, by Dr. Bill Thomas, he separates elders  and the world by the way they are approaching old age. He has the group in denial, one who claims rationality as a banner and the six of us in the world who are enthusiasts.

The BIG reason that this is important is the ageism in the world and the postwar  generation that will flood America with elders. Remaking the world  based on old knowledge , wisdom and the understanding that if you are one of the people living to past 60 years old, you can help by being an active voice for new behaviors toward the acceptance of elderhood and then death.

Start doing a bit of research and see how you can, by moving a bit out of your comfort zone, but not too much to hurt yourself, help the people coming into old age learn to thrive. Wouldn’t that be a great legacy?

Get a group of like-minded people together and just talk–it is a start.






Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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