Easy, Peazy, Breezy

The picture above is of Chimney Rock in southwestern Colorado. One of the best things about living in Colorado is that beauty is all around you in nature. But nature only holds one type of beauty.

This exercise on the list of Practices is one of my favorite, and can be yours too, if you do that paying attention thing you don’t like to do.

List at least 5 things of beauty you have seen or personally witnessed in the past few days

Something beautiful stirs an emotion. Getting to a place in your life where you are able to label that emotion is a skill people have a difficult time learning. Today when I was visiting my friend Judy (who is very creative) we spied an old light (small lamp) that had been a TV light. It looked like a beach scene on a shelf where she keeps inspirational kitschy stuff. That piece is not beautiful like the picture above, but it helped drag a memory out of my brain about one of my aunts having one similar to it on the top of her TV in the late 1950’s. She would watch wrestling on Friday nights. No one else in my world did that, so it seemed a treat to watch Gorgeous George in the ring. He was called splendid. That memory was beautiful because of the wave of unexpected nostalgia it brought to my throat.

The pile of chopped vegetables in my kitchen is beautiful because I am making soup for a sick friend and she will say “excellent”, which is another way to say beautiful, lovely and handsome and the more diminutive, pretty.

Try your hand at listing some beauty that does not include leaves changing color, faces of your grandchildren or a winning lotto ticket.

With the thought that beauty is close to the word blessings,






Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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