Fall Break

My trusty car, Karma, took me on a short break to see my brother and his wife who live a bit south of Durango, Co. It was a lovely drive both ways as you can see by the picture above from Kenosha Pass. Numerous deer were out and about on my drive home at dusk yesterday and the colors of fall all around.

While visiting my brother I asked if he had completed his homework from the last post. He brought up a point that had escaped me: some people have never thought about the traits they like about themselves. What also happened in the years he and I were growing up is that the concept of self-esteem was not even articulated as that. Unless you had parents or grandparents that praised you for an activity or sport or subject in school in which you excelled, you never thought about it much.

So, we are combining two of the exercises on the page of PRACTICES you are completing.

Fifth on the page

List 5 people for whom you are grateful…why do you appreciate them? Do you ever actually tell them?

I will tell you why I am grateful for my brother Steve, so he can see that there are 10 (at least) things to like about himself.

He is a kind, loving, loyal, smart, artist scientist, who leaves a small footprint on the earth, but a large print of smiles on all his friends, neighbors and family, who trust him with their lives. (And he loves his older sister, even though he used to kick her shins or pinch her arm)

Now, see how easy that was? Tomorrow, my individual grateful list will be sent to four more people who help me through this age of challenge.

Get outside to see Mother Nature in all her glory this week. Your body and soul will be grateful.




Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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