Number Four

Number four on your list of introspective questions and practices is easy….for some of us. Some people can get to six or seven and then start with less than thoughtful answers. I am sure that will not be you, but just watch out for the tendency!

List, on paper or sticky notes, TEN things you like about yourself and post them where you can see them everyday. Because we become almost immune to our good qualities we forget we need to know them when the going is getting rough.

Take the list and move it around your house so it catches your attention for a while. Mine have changed over the years, but the top four are ones I could have named at age 12.

Please remember to try the morning- when -you- first- awake- exercise every day….it will become a habit or semi habit before you know it.

Sleep well you extra ordinary folks!




Author: furloughbaby

I am an elder working toward extraordinary. A retired professional, I teach classes at Colorado Free University and enjoy my family.

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